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I welcome portraits, originals and One Of A Kind commissions of adults, children and much more. To commission a portrait or One of A Kind Painting email me at

Fees and Procedures for Portrait Commissions

 A meeting or email between the client and myself to discuss the scope of the portrait to be created. Questions of size, price, mood, clothing, background and scheduling are considered. The price is determined by size of the portrait, number of subjects, whether the subject is head and shoulders, half, three quarter or full figure and complexity of clothing and background. The actual size of the piece is not determined exactly until the composition has been finalized, so an estimated size and price range is given.  I prefer to work from very clear photograph that the client provides. A non refundable deposit of 1/2 of the agreed upon price is required at contract signing.



The remaining balance is due when the portrait is completed. Finished Product will be shipped secure and safely.


Pricing Details
Applicable sales taxes and shipping are extra. Payments can be made by credit card, Paypal or Cashapp.


Base price is for a single subject. Each additional subject, add 50%. Complex clothing and background, add 50% of base.  Prep work above and beyond what is typical is extra and will be discussed as the project progresses.

Contact me at or text me at (313)459-1442  to discuss the specifics of your project.


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