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Meredith Estes


      Meredith is a woman of vision who shares with the world through her expressions of art. She specialize in One Of A Kind Original paintings and drawings. Her discovery of art began as early as lower elementary school. Her desire to improve and evolve led her to hone her skills by taking art classes in high school, where she won many awards and prizes for her artwork. Her works of art are now beautifully displayed publicly and privately worldwide as she continues to be commissioned for her designs. She has also published an adult coloring book “Color Thairapy” which sells online through Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

  Meredith is a wife and mother of six. Painting allows her the opportunity to escape daily stresses and find peace. She loves to paint with watercolors and acrylics, as well as, draw with pencils and ink. Her subject matter varies according to how her inner self speaks, it could be fantasy, realism, or fun and whimsical.



Art for Peace

Meredith realizes that her gifts are given of God an says, "Only through him I am able to create beautiful works of art. The Joy of seeing, feeling and creating something amazing and being able to share, makes me feel incredibly blessed!" She continues to seek balance of the mind, body and spirit, by being deeply in tuned with her work. The energy of her soul masters its existences through the paint, the pencil, the fabric or the jewels.

  Please take a moment to view her artwork. I'm sure you will find enjoyment and inspiration. I am also sure that your spirit will be uplifted and blessed. I have been amazed and I am proud to call Meredith, my sister!


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